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An Important Message From Tom & Nick...
You're frustrated, and rightfully so, you've heard so many people tell you how you'll make a killing with social Media.
How clients will flock to you once they hear what you can do...
So many times you've heard Social Media is The Kingpin!

The Big Kahuna 
The Big Enchilada
The Top Banana...

You've listened to enough people brag about all their social media "heat" and their audience gets bigger and bigger.

And you're starting to get the feeling that maybe its all a mirage, just smoke, since your fees are small and your workload is bigger.

Maybe you're broke. You've lost more money trying to make social media work, you can't afford to go on.

Yet, you're honestly willing to work, if one person would just finally tell the truth.If any of these things sound familiar it's because they are real. And its no exaggeration to say, 
 "You're Finally In The Right Place".
BTW, Aloha from Tom Gaddis and Nick Ponte
in beautiful Maui, Hawaii.

Providing marketing services to local businesses allows us to live a pretty sweet life. We get to work from home, spend as much time with family as we want and the work is very rewarding.

It wasn't so easy when we first started. In fact, both of us damn near quit out of frustration and lack of clients and money.

We tried selling local businesses on high ticket services that took lots of explaining and time.

Results? We didn't get a single client!

Selling these types of services when you have no clients and no reputation
Offline consultants like us need a service that clients 'Get', something they understand since they and their family already use it....

We think we've found it, and early results are the best we've ever seen...Social Media Management gives the client... 
 EXACTLY What They Want!
Consider The Client Mindset:

-They Know what Social Media is.
-They and their family likely already use it.
-They hear neighbors and friends talk about it.
-Their competitors use it.
-They like the customer interaction
-They like the lack of tech savvy needed.
-They like the results...BUT WANT MORE.

Our Social Media Results Are..
Trackable, Measurable & Repeatable!
 This Real World Training Includes:

Module 1
How to Talk to Businesses About Social Media Management

- Understanding what you’re offering
- Avoiding common mistakes
- Crafting your USP
- 10 selling points you need to know and use

Module 3
Power Prospecting

- Identifying your ideal client
- Crating your prospecting message
- Using social media to prospect
- Using Direct Mail
- With networking groups

Module 5
Social Sumo Authority Social Agency Theme

-Initial Social Sumo Authority Agency Theme Setup (4 Videos)
- Social Sumo Authority Agency Website Setup (10 videos)

Module 2
Pricing & Service Packages for Maximum Profits

- Determining your pricing
- Creating Your Service Packages
- Sample Contract
- Other Services for profit
- Raising your rates

Module 4
Delivering of Your Social Media Management Services

- Client On-boarding
- A Word on Deliverables
- Social Media Content Creation Guidelines & Resources
- Hiring a Content Writer (sample ad for hiring an outsourcer)

Templates & Worksheets Included

- Startup Business Checklist
- Unique Selling Proposition Worksheet
- Rate worksheet
- Sample service packages
- Sample contract
- 2 Sample proposals
- Ideal Client Worksheet
- Prospecting Message Worksheet
- Social Media & Email prospecting templates
- Postcard & letter templates
- On-boarding templates & intake form
- Social Media Resources
- Sample ad for hiring an outsourcer
You Don't Need to Be An Established Pro
to Make This Work
And Here's Proof....
Consultants with no previous experience are signing $750+ clients using the techniques in this new training.
Why Consultants LOVE Our Approach:
NO Direct Selling or Cold Calling - We use Email, and direct mail (templates provided) surprise, Social Media to snag the easiest clients.

NO Servicing Clients Yourself - you'll be introduced to our full-proof Outsourcing system. Social Media work lends itself perfectly to outsourcing and we have a great system.

NO Experience Needed - This new training (based on our own successful experience using it) is designed to take you from day 1, hour 1 and walk you through exactly what to do.

NO Extras Needed- EVERYTHING you need to get started as a Social Media Consultant is included in this training. You'll hit the ground running, since you'll have the tools and instructions you need.

If you currently are a consultant, but struggling to land clients, you can join us at a special tuition price (but only for a few days)...

We'll share what we're doing to be so successful, and honestly, your business will never be the same.

Imagine talking to business owners who already know the social media you're proposing and already like it!

They likely use it themselves, they're very open to a service like you'll provide AND they are willing to pay excellent fees.

Business owners are already jumping on the bandwagon when it comes to social media. 
There Is VERY LITTLE 'Selling' Involved.
We can't say that about most business services but this is different.

You'll also have our Done-For-You marketing tools including Checklists, Email Templates and Postcard Templates.

A brand new consultant can be just as effective as a veteran.

Just check out these advantages...

**Why This Local Service is RED HOT Now

**#1 Reason Businesses Sign Up for the service 

**The Advantages of Social Media That Will Never change

**Branding through Social Media

**Educating YOURSELF First, Then The Client 

**"The Talk" that sells the service

**Positioning your offer so its unique to you

**The 3 Criteria That You Can Target

**Using the SOLID GOLD Checklist

**The 7 Questions you MUST answer for a winning USP

**Our 3 best, tested and PROVEN ways to sell it.

**Attract the best 'money in hand' prospects to YOU, 
  (instead of your competitors.)

**Ten Most Important, Easily Overlooked Selling Angles

**Don't step in it! Biggest Mistakes To Avoid.

**The one powerful element missing in almost every  
   Social Media Mgmt offer.(Add this and you could easily DOUBLE your client signings)

**Little known shortcut for Creating your elevator pitch (Elevator Pitch Worksheet)

**Creating The Most attractive Service Packages(sample packages)
Yes, the training will blow you away, BUT thats not even half of it, you also get...

**The Right Pricing Model (sample pricing template) 

**You determine how much you want to make with the  
  Pricing Calculator

**Proven Contracts (sample contract template)

**Identifying ideal client (Ideal Client Worksheet)

**Pro Direct Mail (postcard templates)

**Networking groups (sample elevator pitch)

**Running A Smooth Business & Fulfillment

**Client Intake (Client Intake Form)

**Do-it-yourself fulfillment

**Tap into this Outsource Fulfillment System. 
  (sample ad for hiring an outsourcer)

**Setting Up The Agency Authority Website

* Purchasing a domain name & hosting

* Installing WordPress

* Installing Agency Authority theme

* Installing Demo Content

**The #1 reason why copying other offliners will NOT work for you!

**Push-button secrets! This cuts the normally long, tedious and painful process of setting up.

**A quick way to discover the exact same language prospects use.(This creates an IMMEDIATE emotional bond with your prospect and practically FORCES him to trust what you say.)

**An easy way to find the most qualified clients.

**"Under the radar" elements in EVERY good consultant authority website. You'll be able to see these (or lack thereof) in every offer. So you can use them in YOUR offers and DOMINATE your competition!

**The number one factor that determines the success of your Social Media business. 
Social Media Agency Authority Website Included!
Comes with One-Click Install DFY Content!
*Includes Developers License: Use on Unlimited Personal & Client Sites!
See How Easy Our Theme Is To Use
Click Above To Watch Demo Video
Step-by-Step Setup & Training Video's Included
Early Users Agree Our Theme Is Unmatched!
Warning: Don't Try This Yourself
We've spent over 2 years of solid trial and error to develop our Offline Agency Social Media Management system.

We Slogged Though:

**Finding the right outsourcers

**Learning how to explain Social Media to the prospects and clients, so we didn't oversell the benefits

**Proper pricing so we easily attracted clients, but didn't leave money on the table, either.

**Seeing opportunities to up-sell into more services and doing it naturally and without pressure.

Yes, we started very small and built slowly, dealing with poor clients and suffered through countless dead ends. We had anemic, sickly growth rates until (finally)...
We Figured Out What Works!
Once we got this right, once we dialed it in right, things got MUCH Easier. Wouldn't you want to know that in detail?

Landing Social Media Clients is pretty easy when you know the sales 'triggers'. (rather than hunting around in the dark.)

Don't waste time trying to figure this out on your own.

You MIGHT get close to what we've discovered, but it will be more work and more time that you can't afford to waste.

Why go through all that frustrating trial and error when we have bottled up the secrets and are ready to hand them to you on a virtual silver platter?

This is how your shortcut to just copying what we've already worked out. 
*Includes Developers License: Use on Unlimited Personal & Client Sites!
Just imagine...You'll follow a proven blueprint Step-By-Step  and only need the desire for success to keep you on target.

In days you'll be getting interested prospects and all you'll need to do is follow up. It's not hard, you just need to follow the Social Sumo Plan.
In as little as 30 days from now, you will have signed 3 (maybe more) Social Media Clients, each agreeing to pay you $750 or more ($1200 is not uncommon).

...The whole process happens quickly, faster than you think.

Imagine your life improved now that you have a reliable income stream coming in...
Doing Something Your Enjoy!
Clients Will be Asking YOU For
More Services
Considering a single client typically pays from $750 to $1200 per month, and all this can be easily outsourced for a fraction of that, what stops you from starting right now?
Frequently Asked Questions...
Is this just a re-hash of previous courses?
No, This new course is just that; Completely New and unique. While Nick & And I have been doing Social Media Management for years we've never built a training course around it.

It also includes a treasure trove of checklists, forms and the latest marketing materials. We show you how to get the first 3 clients in record time and then expand.
Isn't Social Media Crowded?
Yes, of course, that's because it's become immensely popular. You're getting paid to do what business owners hate doing themselves, but they know Social Media is where they must have a strong presence!
Why would a business need my help?
Most local businesses are not the best marketers and have even less understanding of how to provide the information that works on social media. While they may attempt this themselves, they usually tire of it and their poor results discourage them. They don't know what really works and waste time with Social Media actions that don't produce revenue.
Aren't businesses tired Of hearing About Social Media?
Not really, since for some its the only advertising they do! You'll learn how to present Social Media Mgmt and close many clients.
Does this take a lot of time?
Each client initially takes about an hour or two to setup. The monthly investment of time can be easily controlled by outsourcing and just overseeing the results. We show you how to minimize the time and effort.
Will I need a large budget?
No. You can do this with no money, just your own time and effort. A little money for an outsourcer will make it go much faster, but it's not necessary. You'll be paid before you ever have to spend any money. That way cash flow is not a problem.
Won't my clients Be Taking A Chance On me?
Not at all. You'll learn what to do as a Social Media Consultant and how to do it. We show you exactly how to implement this system. Its proven to work since much of our own online success is based on social media. We know how to use it to improve client's business quickly and easily. 
Will I need to hire Employees?
NO (Unless YOU Want Them) If you choose to use virtual assistants or outsource thats fine. But it's necessary.
Is there a lot of competition?
There's no arguing Social Media has gotten very popular and there are social media mgmt firms out there. But they're easily beatable for two reasons: 1. Your local presence will dismiss many big far-away Social Media managers and 2. Our Unique system.
If It's so Good... Why Don't you charge more?
Simple... we actually make most of our earnings from local clients, not from product launches. We do enjoy helping marketers and our 5,000 member Facebook group is more evidence that we give more than we get.
Can I do this all from my computer? (Or do I need to go door-to-door to sign up clients?)
This entire business is totally location independent and can be done entirely by email and phone. Many of our consulting clients we reach by email and phone or Skype.
How soon can I expect to land some local clients?
If you follow a simple daily plan, of emailing the right candidates, you can be adding clients in just weeks. We feel a steady effort should provide you with about 3 clients in just 30 days. Success rates will vary, of course, but theres no reason you can't succeed with this method..and remember we are here to support you.
Templates & Worksheets Included
Get No-Risk Immediate Access
To Local Social Sumo Right Now
*Includes Developers License: Use on Unlimited Personal & Client Sites!

100% 60 Day "No Worries" Guarantee

Use Local Social Sumo as we show you for 60 days. Really take action! If you show us that you gave it a fair shot and didn't get any results, we will happily refund your money!

Bottom line is this works 100% if you take action!

If you're the type of person who just wants to see what the new shiny object is and then immediately ask for a refund, please don't buy and save us both the hassle.

We're here to HELP YOU. If you have any questions please send us an email and we'll do our best to help you!
New To Offline Or Experienced
We Help You Get RESULTS
There's a reason why our training business has grown so much over the last year; Results.

Whether you're just starting out or established and already working with local businesses, ANYONE can get better results, faster results, and easier results.

And, to make absolutely sure you get results, we've laid everything out in easy-to-follow video training. Plus you get access to us via email if you have any questions.
An Offline Sharks Product Launch
Tom & Nick
Earnings Disclaimer
We don't believe in get rich programs - only in hard work, adding value and serving others. Our programs are intended to help you improve your business skills and encourage you to take action so you can build your business. Our programs take a lot of work and discipline just like any worthwhile endeavor or professional continuing education program. Please don't enroll in our programs if you believe in the "money for nothing get rich quick" ideology; we only want serious people who want to work hard to build their business. As stipulated by law, in promoting this and all our programs we use illustrative numbers only and we cannot and do not make results guarantees or give professional or legal advice. That's why it's important that you read all of our terms and earnings disclaimers via the link below as you are not guaranteed to get results or earn an income. It's all the regular legal disclaimers but we feel transparency is important and we hold ourselves (and you) to a high standard of integrity. That's why we also put our disclaimers on all our checkout pages. Thanks for stopping by.